6/42 Lotto Result History, Summary

The 6/42 Lotto Result History and the 2024 Lotto summary are available on this website for everyone’s consumption. The 6/42 Lotto result is from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

PCSO conducts the game on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 PM.

PCSO is also conducting five (5) significant jackpot-bearing games, four (4) major digit games, and STL games in the Philippines. View here the 6/58 Lotto result, 6/55 Lotto result, 6/49 Lotto result, 6/45 Lotto result, 6/42 Lotto result, 6D Lotto result and 4D Lotto results, Swertres (3D) Lotto results, EZ2 (2D) Lotto results and STL results. You should also be able to check the summary of the lotto results today.

6/42 Lotto Result – History Summary 2024

Draw DateWinning NumbersJackpot Prize (Php)
June 15, 202414-36-22-16-07-1353,699,200.00
June 13, 202409-37-28-06-11-3048,048,418.60
June 11, 202431-24-07-27-26-0843,122,562.20
June 8, 202427-22-35-33-21-3638,497,748.80
June 6, 202405-17-23-22-25-1333,299,521.20
June 4, 202416-42-41-11-38-3329,076,192.00
June 1, 202422-25-36-16-06-0224,919,744.40
May 30, 202433-22-21-04-34-3220,514,547.80
May 28, 202433-07-12-38-09-0116,703,853.80
May 25, 202403-39-20-36-17-3513,279,937.60
May 23, 202421-24-26-29-38-379,822,688.60
May 21, 202434-39-11-10-36-096,519,974.00
May 18, 202436-25-39-08-24-105,940,000.00
May 16, 202411-23-05-22-24-0374,759,118.80
May 14, 202426-36-39-17-19-1567,515,447.60
May 11, 202410-22-14-24-17-3660,816,651.80
May 9, 202415-06-33-18-16-1354,456,731.00
May 7, 202425-07-05-04-09-0248,422,215.40
May 4, 202405-37-41-30-38-1643,423,295.80
May 2, 202402-39-04-23-01-2538,018,083.40
April 30, 202441-37-10-05-24-0833,277,262.20
April 27, 202419-13-06-10-02-3029,251,276.60
April 25, 202408-14-41-37-31-3524,852,065.60
April 23, 202436-34-14-08-23-3120,833,838.40
April 20, 202426-39-40-31-29-1417,325,372.20
April 18, 202404-28-35-15-10-1813,359,290.40
April 16, 202431-35-18-26-34-419,781,677.60
April 13, 202426-42-40-33-13-396,656,665.00
April 11, 202408-12-42-02-37-415,940,000.00
April 9, 202428-37-06-05-12-1824,266,104.40
April 6, 202428-06-08-33-03-2520,376,806.40
April 4, 202426-36-31-40-39-0616,401,481.80
April 2, 202401-24-33-21-42-0912,810,391.40
March 30, 2024
March 28, 2024
March 26, 202417-23-30-27-40-129,522,382.20
March 23, 202431-39-22-04-37-356,533,007.80
March 21, 202409-07-12-13-10-145,940,000.00
March 19, 202418-27-07-14-11-0912,938,209.60
March 16, 202430-15-22-31-17-289,756,455.60
March 14, 202430-09-07-41-33-326,235,745.00
March 12, 202408-05-23-34-20-285,940,000.00
March 9, 202417-21-12-24-30-0214,652,151.40
March 7, 202412-29-28-37-03-1010,592,207.40
March 5, 202403-24-40-18-35-416,911,094.60
March 2, 202417-02-04-03-36-355,940,000.00
Feb 29, 202405-21-03-33-30-4115,019,736.80
Feb 27, 202441-26-32-40-31-3910,877,076.20
Feb 24, 202432-12-27-40-01-197,433,279.40
Feb 22, 202405-21-17-36-22-075,940,000.00
Feb 20, 202422-17-01-29-11-1610,990,641.60
Feb 17, 202429-14-13-05-09-187,488,195.20
Feb 15, 202409-38-28-22-04-205,940,000.00
Feb 13, 202419-31-11-23-13-177,083,788.60
Feb 10, 202413-11-37-07-16-275,940,000.00
Feb 8, 202427-02-20-22-23-105,940,000.00
Feb 6, 202427-23-31-20-14-287,341,411.40
Feb 3, 202409-18-33-26-23-045,940,000.00
Feb 1, 202403-31-14-19-35-135,940,000.00
Jan 30, 202438-20-19-04-16-4056,638,411.00
Jan 27, 202442-14-25-36-31-4049,942,011.20
Jan 25, 202431-28-05-26-10-4042,814,945.60
Jan 23, 202406-20-24-13-15-3735,671,619.80
Jan 20, 202410-04-42-28-33-2429,725,174.40
Jan 18, 202441-08-06-03-10-0423,352,786.80
Jan 16, 202403-29-18-30-07-2216,483,126.00
Jan 13, 202442-30-17-04-15-1411,275,227.40
Jan 11, 202420-05-34-09-26-195,940,000.00
Jan 9, 202404-39-23-19-17-3616,813,380.40
Jan 6, 202410-30-34-09-14-2111,505,024.00
Jan 4, 202422-16-09-01-42-105,940,000.00
Jan 2, 202404-22-07-10-29-14108,072,834.00

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Playing the 6/42 Lotto

This is one of the oldest games of PCSO. Playing the game is very easy.

The player can also mark down the Lucky Pick, or LP, should he prefer the machine to choose the numbers for them. A systematic play is also available for 6/42 Lotto draws for more chances of winning. More combinations equal more bet costs.

A player wins if he gets the six (6) winning numbers/combinations in any order.

How to claim the 6/42 Lotto Prize?

E-Lotto claiming of prizes:

  • Php 300,000 and below can be cashed out through an e-lotto application. Prizes of Php 300,000.01 and above can be claimed at the PCSO Main Office.

To claim the prize, present the QR Code of the winning ticket and two (2) valid IDs.

If you are a legitimate winner, write your name and attach the signature behind the winning ticket.

The lotto jackpot prizes can be claimed at the PCSO main office located at the PCSO head office located at 605 Conservatory Bldg., Shaw Blvd. Corner Priceton St., Mandaluyong City. The jackpot prize is taxable under TRAIN Law.

PCSO thoroughly validates all tickets to be claimed. The public is reminded to deal with counterfeited/tampered tickets seriously. They will not honor any should anyone try to claim their prizes using such.

Likewise, claiming prizes below P10,000 can be processed at the nearest PCSO Branch.

Where to check the 6/42 Lotto Results?

Aside from lottopcso.com, players can watch the 6/42 lotto draws in real-time via PTV and their online accounts via Facebook and Twitter. Official PCSO accounts are airing the lotto draws as well. On special occasions, such as critical national holidays, PCSO announces suspending draws days before the scheduled draw date.

Quick Tips for 6/42 Players

Please beware of the texts or emails you received claiming that you won the PCSO lotto jackpot. Only refer to verified results from PCSO.

If you win, the lotto prize ticket has one (1) year validity. Likewise, the player is solely responsible for checking the accuracy of the data printed on the ticket(s), including bet type, bet amount, the draw date you want to enter, and the numbers you want to play.

Interested players below eighteen (18) years old cannot play any PCSO games.

Additionally, don’t buy your lotto ticket from individuals claiming certain combinations will win. You can get official tickets from authorized PCSO outlets.

PCSO Lotto Jackpot Winners 2024

Here are the PCSO lotto jackpot winners for the Year 2024. Congratulations everyone! You may also view the list of Year 2023 Jackpot winners here.

(Scroll right or left in the table to see the full details of the winners.)

DateLotto DrawCombinationJackpot PrizeLocationNo. of Winners
June 12, 20246/4507-40-25-08-30-3933,595,070.80Sta. Cruz Emilio B. Lotto outlet in Centella Homes, Subd., Rodriguez, Rizal1
May 22, 20246/4511-30-21-04-22-1353,861,631.60Lotto outlet of Cupit, Teresita B. of General Trias, Cavite1
May 18, 20246/5508-16-25-44-06-3454,082,689.80Lotto outlet of Cunanan, Darwin L. of Angeles City, Pampanga1
May 16, 20246/4211-23-05-22-24-0374,759,118.80Paul Vincent Mallorca Outlet, City of Dasmariñas, Cavite1
May 7, 20246/4940-18-07-06-24-2751,964,353.60 Lotto outlet of Herrera, Ricardo C. in City of Balanga in Bataan.1
April 30, 20246/5809-56-36-07-55-54103,439,627.60Ignacio, Ira Mae N. Lotto outlet in Fishermall, Quezon Ave., Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Quezon City1
April 22, 20246/4533-17-40-09-42-2046,011,957.80Lotto Outlet of Alcala, Marc Joshua, LLML COMM Bldg., Magallanes, Cavite1
April 13, 20246/5517-26-30-39-14-07222,993,453.20Lotto Outlet of Colina, Angelita M. Grace Park, Caloocan1
April 9, 20246/4228-37-06-05-12-1824,266,104.40Lotto Outlet of Romano, Arnel L. in Fairview Park, Brgy. Greater Fairview, Quezon City1
April 4, 20246/4928-16-18-29-14-0989,556,807.60Winning outlets:
(1) Lobrigas, Agnes New Public Market, Siocon, ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE (2) Elen, Angelo CUNETA ST., BACOOR, CAVITE
March 25, 20246/4539-11-29-01-09-198,910,000.00 Winning outlets:
(1) Aurelio Parohinog of Bacolod, Negros Occidental (2) Lucky Circle Corporation in Aurora BLVD. Cubao, Quezon City
March 20, 20246/4508-07-16-17-11-3723,122,833.80Lotto Outlet of Generoso Castro in Landco Park, Lucena City, Quezon.1
March 19, 20246/4218-27-07-14-11-0912,938,209.60Lotto Outlet of Mary April Rina Banagan, Jose Abad Santos, Dasmariñas Cavite1
March 9, 20246/4217-21-12-24-30-0214,652,151.40German M. Magnaye In DILIMAN, QUEZON CITY.1
March 6, 20246/4506-15-37-11-35-3315,808,068.20Lotto Outlet of Ramon L. Lim in NAGA CITY, CAMARINES SUR1
Feb 29, 20246/5804-07-57-05-54-47175,160,965.20De Guzman, Emmanuel D. Lotto outlet in Amang Rodriguez Ave., Santolan, Pasig City1
Feb 29, 20246/4205-21-03-33-30-4115,019,736.80Winning outlet: Tacub Jr, Pacifico Rolando Brgy 1st, West Crame, San Juan City1
Feb 26, 20246/4529-07-09-20-03-2670,879,526.00Winning outlets:
(1) Abergas, Pompeyo Bulalo St., Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija
(2) Villanueva, Norma
Blumentritt St., Sta. Cruz, Manila.
Feb 20, 20246/4222-17-01-29-11-1610,990,641.60Reas, Ryan D. Lotto Outlet in Abuyog, Leyte1
Feb 15, 20246/4919-10-08-24-20-1364,105,266.60Catalina De Torres Lotto outlet in Lumban, Laguna1
Feb 13, 20246/4219-31-11-23-13-177,083,788.60Bibe, Eliza DL. Lotto outlet in Quirino Highway, Novaliches, Quezon City1
Feb 8, 20246/4227-02-20-22-23-105,940,000.00Lotto outlet of
(1) Miguel V. San Pedro III, Guiguinto, Bulacan
(2) Milagros S. Borgonia, Tandang Sora, Commonwealth.
Feb 6, 20246/4227-23-31-20-14-287,341,411.40Daquipil, Analyn V. Lotto outlet in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental1
Feb 1, 20246/4203-31-14-19-35-135,940,000.00Lotto outlet of Magsumbol, Cherry B. Sitio Ulbok, Sariaya, Quezon1
Jan 30, 20246/4238-20-19-04-16-4056,638,411.00Candelaria, Froilan P. Lotto outlet in Pililla, Rizal.1
Jan 24, 20246/4505-12-19-01-28-0845,638,809.60Lotto outlet of Bulatao, Jan Wilhelm L. lotto outlet in General Trias City, Cavite.1
Jan 17, 20246/5524-50-52-09-51-03698,806,269.20E-LOTTO or Electronic Lotto.1
Jan 16, 20246/4926-33-14-48-06-42640,654,817.60Lotto outlet of BEST HOPE GAMING & AMUSEMENT CORP. of Rizal Ave., Manila1
Jan 9, 20246/4204-39-23-19-17-3616,813,380.40Lotto outlet of Mary Ann S. Gabriel, Camiling, Tarlac1
Jan 8, 20246/4509-07-29-28-11-18121,816,502.40Lotto outlet of
(1) Sto. Rosario St. Palm Drive, Buhangin, Davao City
(2) Lianas Mutya ng Pasig Mall, Pasig City
Jan 2, 20246/4204-22-07-10-29-14108,072,834.00Lotto outlet of
(1) Rizal M. Garcia in San Miguel Bulacan,
(2) Vincent James Ganir in Tondo, Manila
(3) Maria Olfa Driz in Pila, Laguna

PCSO announcement(s) and notice(s)

Update January 2024: PCSO launched the E-Lotto. Bettors can now buy their lotto tickets online through a web-based app. Here’s how to use and buy in the E-Lotto app.


This website does not claim ownership of any content, including but not limited to text, images, videos, or any other multimedia materials that may be posted, shared, or displayed on this platform. All content presented here is the sole property of its respective creators, authors, or copyright holders.

Likewise, this website is not related to, affiliated with, or represent the PCSO and any of its officials. For verification and other concerns, we advise you to visit the PCSO official website at http://www.pcso.gov.ph/.

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  • The Dreamer Feb 25, 2023 @ 0:13

    Sa 26 bday ko 61 na po pero nangarap pa rin na bago man mamaalam biyayaan at manalo..Lagi akong tumataya baka swertihin at may maiwan sa anak.

  • BENJO ADARNI TOMATE Feb 27, 2023 @ 16:26

    Sana balang araw isa ako sa manalo sa 6/42 para hndi kona iiwan family ko para mag abroad sa ibang bansa. Maraming salamat po God bless po sa lahat pati nadin sa ating pamilya maraming salamat po ulit.. ????????

  • loreto santillan Mar 20, 2023 @ 20:33

    paano po malalaman mga lumabas na mga numbers lahat ng games last year 2022 pa po yung mga tickets ko?pls help nmn po kung paano ko macheck mga tickets last year..ty po in advance sa sasagot

  • Dennis a flores Mar 21, 2023 @ 23:09

    Lord tagal ko na pong tumataya manalo na po sana ako????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Emmanuel E. ALFORQUE Mar 24, 2023 @ 12:35

    30 years na ako tumataya only 6/42 hopefully one of this days ma hit ko na!????☝️

  • Anonymous Mar 24, 2023 @ 19:44

    Matagal na din Akong ofw di makaipon mallit lang kita sana manalo Ng jock pot sa. Lotto para di ko na iiwan Ang aking pamilya gid bless..

  • Anonymous Mar 30, 2023 @ 18:14

    Sana Ako po manalo para mapa gamot Kuna po yong mga parents ko
    At makapa Tayo na kami ng sarili naming bahay Dito sa probinsya, isa lang po kac akung construction worker Dito sa aamin, at Ako Po ay laging tumataya sa luto nag baka sakali ma bago Ang buhay namin thank you po
    09- 07- 11- 26 – 38 – 42

  • Anonymous Apr 14, 2023 @ 5:27

    What if i win 5 number, should i need to write my name in the back of my winning ticket?

  • Hoping Apr 14, 2023 @ 12:52

    Lord, Sana po manalo..
    Ang tagal ko na Po suki ng lotto , khit Po sana 5 numbers masubukan man lng.
    God bless PCSO.

  • Hoping Apr 14, 2023 @ 12:54

    Lord, Sana po manalo..
    Ang tagal ko na Po suki ng lotto , khit Po sana 5 numbers masubukan man lng.
    God bless PCSO.

  • Anonymous Apr 14, 2023 @ 20:51

    It is really 10,000 above will be deducted by 20% ?

  • Larry b.flores Apr 29, 2023 @ 21:35

    25 years na Ako tomataya Ng lotto yon parin nmbr ko hndi parin lomabas grabi naman tong loto.sana maayos Ang pag bola at gusto ko makakita Ako personal paano.pag bola at Ako mag titimbang sa mga bola gagamitin Kong totoo ba talaga ito

  • Larry b Flores Apr 29, 2023 @ 21:41

    Kht limang nmbr Wala hay naku sana e surveillance ito sa government nation dhl may nag sabotahe naman ito 25 years ayaw pa lomabas nmbr ko sana panalonin u nan Ako..akoy.isang pinaka poor lang talaga.at maka.bawi man lang

  • ROMELITO AVILES DABALOS May 13, 2023 @ 4:31

    Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday po ang kada draw ng 6/42 diba?!!!
    Ang nkalagay po kasi dito sa info message nyo ay Martes, Huwebes at Linggo ang draw. Medyo nkakalito po diba!!!?

    • Romeo s Espina jr May 14, 2024 @ 15:25

      dapat Ang meron lang kaltas na 20% ay yong milyones Ang premyo,,tax free na dapat sa mga digit,Kasi konti lang Naman panalo,babawasan pa,,hello pcso,,,aksyon Naman dyan

  • Ernesto Enoc jr May 22, 2023 @ 7:55


  • Anonymous Jun 6, 2023 @ 18:21

    09652744543 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Anonymous Jul 9, 2023 @ 23:30

    Alam nyo wgna kayo magduda na baka may daya.. ung tong-it nga na sugal kahit harap harapan nyo na, madaya panga! Yan pa kya na nasa TV lang nyo mapanood. At ito pa 8pm close na tapos 10PM pa ang draw o Diba ang laki ng oras Para ma review ang lahat na # na may Taya! mind set ba!!!!!!

  • Jigger Ayawon Oct 4, 2023 @ 21:22

    Sana po ma bigyan ng pagkaton manalo sa lotto para mkapagpatayo ng sariling bahay at matubos Ang nasanla na lupa.????????????

  • Domingo malda Oct 16, 2023 @ 14:53

    Mula nung nag graduate ako sa high school since 1994,isa na po akong tricycle driver, at mula noon hanggang ngayon laging akong tumataya sa 6/42 dahil nagbabakasali mabibiyaan man lang..at sana po makabawi man lang sa tinataya ko..para makabili man lang nang sariling tricycle..

  • Domingo malda Oct 16, 2023 @ 18:40

    Mula nung ng graduate ako sa high school since 1994..naging isa po akong tricycle driver..at mula noon hanggang ngayon lagi ako tumataya sa 6/42 dahil nagbabakasali mabibiyayaan mn lang..at sana po makabawi mn lang at makabili nang sariling tricycle

  • Arnold Acosta Nov 15, 2023 @ 20:38

    Sana mabiyayaan din ng pagkapanalo sa lotto. 5 8 18 21 23 13, 3 23 10 24 26 36 salamat

  • Mariam Montegrande Dec 21, 2023 @ 7:44

    Isa po akong misyonare sa spiritual mahirap langpo ako wala akong ibang pangarap na matulungan ang mga taong mas mahirap pa sa akin sa kabundukan. Meron po sana kaming plano na magpagawa ng church at paaralan, kaso wala po kaming sapat na pera para doon. Sana po pahintulutan sa puong maykapal na manalo po ako para sa lahat. 6/58 =12-25-32-18-5-9 . God bless po.

  • Anthony cute Jan 5, 2024 @ 15:09

    Bakit wala pang nanalo na taga Makati man lang especially dito sa taga guadalupe hahaha baka naman PCSO panalunin niyo nman ako number ko 10 20 12 14 30 24 with lucky pick

  • Joaguin A. Balite Jan 13, 2024 @ 0:26

    sa na po patamain ninyo ako sa Lotto para matupad ko ang pangarap ko na makapagpatayo ng bahay sa ipinana lupa ng aking mga magulang
    5 16 18 21 23 29
    thank you Lord

  • Benjamin Tanggana Jan 15, 2024 @ 12:02

    Wag po tau magsalita na madaya sila wala kau ebidensya..masasabi ko lng nanalo na ako jan nang 5 numbrs,4numbrs at balik taya..baka nman wla pa ung swerte ni yo

  • Benjamin Tanggana Jan 15, 2024 @ 12:03

    Wag po tau magsalita kasi wala kau ebidensya..masasabi ko lng nanalo na ako jan nang 5 numbrs,4numbrs at balik taya..baka nman wla pa ung swerte ni yo

  • Marilyn Espiritu Espiritu Jan 19, 2024 @ 4:54

    Sana tumama number ko
    6/45.- 5/14/41/23/32/8 ko
    Kahit half lang ng price makuha ko ok na.

  • None Jan 24, 2024 @ 13:58

    Totoo ba talaga tong pcso
    Tagal kona tumataya hnggat tatlo lang nakukuha ko at dalawa
    Minsan nagdadalawang isip nalang ako tumaya hahaha

  • Anonymous Jan 26, 2024 @ 20:55

    Sana may pag asa kong manalo magreretire n kming mag asawa kulang pa pera nmin pangpagawa ng bahay.
    God pls help.

  • Lily Jan 27, 2024 @ 1:39

    Lotto totoo ka ba talaga? Sana manalo para maka pagsabing hindi manipulated at daya. Masubukan nga 2 10 13 21 27 30.

  • Anonymous Jan 28, 2024 @ 9:26

    Napapataya lang ako tuwing bakasyun ko pero halos araw araw ang taya nagbabaka sakali, na hnd ko na maiwan ang asawa kung may sakit 01’04’15’20’10’26

  • Anonymous Jan 31, 2024 @ 1:08

    much better kung isave nalang kesa itaya hahaha pg naipon un pra kana dn nanalo sa lotto haha suntok sa buwan manalo haha

  • Anonymous Feb 6, 2024 @ 21:58

    Anonymous:Sayang daw ako nasabi 2 siblings mga Nurses .. all throughout years nilalabanan ko tama sila walang movement Madami nakaraang numbers memorable to me dko nataya..but still hoping maitama ko ang sayang to saya.

  • luisa Feb 6, 2024 @ 22:00

    Sayang tawag sa akin nga kapatid ko. ilan attempt mga numero lumabas importante nakaligtaan. sana soon maitama ko “saya” naman tawag nila sa akin

  • Anonymous Mar 23, 2024 @ 8:43

    ayusin niyo naman magbola at magpanalo ng tao yung hindi kayo nahahalata. ano yun isang tao lang 20x nanalo sa isang buwan? hugh! sobra sobra naman ata yung swerte niya na halos kinarer na niya magtaya ng lotto at 20x nanalo sa isang buwan? haha miracle ba yan o minikos mikos niyo?

    • Anonymous Jun 14, 2024 @ 13:47

      korek pa ulit2 yung lumalabas almost 5days para hndi makatotohanan

  • Nestor Apr 10, 2024 @ 8:33

    pls.. po sana po panalunin na nyo pu ako para sa pang dailysis ni mama ko at maintenance nya sa gamot po Isang hamak lang pu akong utility. eto po ung mga numero ko po 02-10-16-21-29-34 malaking tulong samin nyan.????

  • Nestor Apr 10, 2024 @ 8:35

    sa 6/42 po ako lagi tumataya salamat po

  • Anonymous Apr 10, 2024 @ 11:12

    naniniwala pa kayo dito, alam nyo na ngang dinadaya taya parin kayo ng taya, saan ka nakakita ng labas sa 7,9,10,12,13,14,..

  • Jun Apr 15, 2024 @ 17:12

    Ako’y humingi ng tawad at tulong sa pcso na sana lumabas na ang lotto number combination ko ng 6/42…Maraming Salamat po…1-3-5-20-21-29

  • Arnel Malakas May 7, 2024 @ 18:01

    Lotto 6/42 result. From october 2023 to May 2024

  • Naim May 11, 2024 @ 22:36

    bakit walang nanalo sa 6/42..nuong binasa ko..may winner.bulacan yata Yun..

  • Naim Nasser May 11, 2024 @ 22:40

    halaka nag error nanaman Ang PCSO..nag publish sila na may winner na..tapos pinalitan nila..

    Hindi ko na print sayang..
    6/42.. winner.taga Bulacan..
    may 9.2024..winner.bulacan..

    grabe tlga Ang PCSO..na erase ka agad..Wala palang winner

  • Mario May 17, 2024 @ 18:51

    Almost 30years na akong tumataya Ng Lotto Hanggang Ngayon Hindi parin pinalad..
    Kailan kaya ako makakatama. Para Naman makakatikim Ng laging may pagkain sa mesa.

  • Dionesio Suan May 21, 2024 @ 10:34

    Lord🙏 Sana po makaranas na pong manalo, para pang therapy sa tatay ko, 🙏
    paranas namn po PCSO 🙏 kahit Isang beses lang po ,, ubos na po alkansya ko, kakataya,. Sana po talaga,

    madami po akung numbers combination, Hindi padin lumabas🥺😩 haysst.
    pray lang po palagi,.🙏

    God bless‼️ 14-17-21-42-44-26

  • Kate Jasmine Sarucam Jun 12, 2024 @ 15:14


  • Anonymous Jun 12, 2024 @ 22:55

    ihataag na sa Taga Davao city Ang daug

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