PCSO Lotto Result April 25, 2023

LOTTO RESULT APRIL 25, 2023 – The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) announces the lotto result for April 25, 2023 6/58 Ultra Lotto, 6/49 Super Lotto, 6/42 Lotto, 6D Lotto, EZ2, Swertres and STL games (Pares, Swer3, Swer2 and Swer4).

PCSO is conducting five major jackpot-bearing-games and two major digit games in the Philippines namely – 6/58 Ultra Lotto, 6/55 Grand Lotto, 6/49 Super Lotto, 6/45 Mega Lotto, 6/42 Lotto, 6D Lotto and 4D Lotto.

Here are the complete PCSO lotto results and winning numbers for Tuesday, April 25, 2023:

6/58 Ultra LottoApril 25, 2023
Winning Combination
(in any order)
Jackpot PrizePhp 79,496,752.20
Number of Winner(s)0
6/49 Super LottoApril 25, 2023
Winning Combination
(in any order)
Jackpot PrizePhp 17,241,536.80
Number of Winner(s)0
6/42 LottoApril 25, 2023
Winning Combination
(in any order)
Jackpot PrizePhp 10,747,794.60
Number of Winner(s)0

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6D LottoApril 25, 2023
Winning Combination
(in exact order)

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Meanwhile, below are the Swertres (3D) result today, EZ2 (2D) result today as well as the STL results for Pares, Swer3 and Swer2 for today, April 25, 2023 in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao:

April 25, 2023SwertresEZ2
2:00 PM0-7-623-05
5:00 PM2-1-008-03
9:00 PM0-7-310-08
VisayasSTL ParesSTL Swer2STL Swer3
10:30 AM35-319-23-1-6
3:00 PM24-095-18-1-9
7:00 PM22-024-89-0-9
MindanaoSTL ParesSTL Swer2STL Swer3
10:30 AM22-237-07-2-3
3:00 PM12-110-15-2-5
8:00 PM26-338-71-7-7
MindanaoSTL Swer4
8:00 PM1-9-5-9

Hopeful millionaires shall secure their tickets before 8:00PM as PCSO will not accept bets after the cut-off. The selling of tickets will begin at 7:00AM until 8:00PM while the official major lotto draws are held at 9:00PM.

Major Games Jackpot Prize

Below is the overview of the latest jackpot prize of the following major lottery games of PCSO.

Major Lotto DrawJackpot Prize
6/58 Ultra LottoPhp 49.5 Million+
6/55 Grand LottoPhp 55.5 Million+
6/49 Super LottoPhp 75.5 Million+
6/45 Mega LottoPhp 16.5 Million+
6/42 LottoPhp 70 Million+

How much is the lotto tickets?

All jackpot-bearing lotto tickets are now prized at P20.00 (#Balikbente program). Tickets are available at the nearest authorized PCSO lotto outlet, inclusive of the Documentary Stamp Tax (DST).

How to Play the Lotto 6/58, 6/49 & 6/42?

Playing above PCSO games comes with their respective rules. Below is the quick summary of how to play and win the major games for today.

Ultra Lotto 6/58. The player wins if he/she got the six (6) correct winning numbers from 1-58, in any order. Lotto enthusiasts can win exciting prizes which may reach up to billion pesos jackpot prize. For higher chances of winning, player may also choose to bet with System Play. Here’s the summary of the fixed consolation prizes:

CategoryWinning Nos.Prizes
1st Prize
(Initial Jackpot)
6 out of 6 NumbersPhp 49.5 Million
(net of agent’s prize commission)
2nd Prize5 out of 6 NumbersPhp 120,000.00
3rd Prize4 out of 6 NumbersPhp 2,000.00
4th Prize3 out of 6 NumbersPhp 100.00

Super Lotto 6/49. It is one of the most popular PCSO lotto games. In order to win, the player must choose 6 correct numbers from 1-49, in any order. Jackpot prize for this game starts at P16,000,000. For higher chances of winning, player may also choose to bet with System Play. Here’s the summary of the fixed consolation prizes:

CategoryWinning Nos.Prizes
1st Prize
(Initial Jackpot)
6 out of 6 NumbersPhp 15.8 Million
(net of agent’s prize commission)
2nd Prize5 out of 6 NumbersPhp 50,000.00
3rd Prize4 out of 6 NumbersPhp 1,200.00
4th Prize3 out of 6 NumbersPhp 50.00

Lotto 6/42. For this major game, players can select from numbers 1-42. Jackpot prize for 6/42 starts at six (6) million pesos. Players at any of the major games can also select LP or Lucky Pick if they want the machine to choose the numbers for them. Here’s the summary of the fixed consolation prizes:

CategoryWinning Nos.Prizes
1st Prize
(Initial Jackpot)
6 out of 6 NumbersPhp 5.9 Million
(net of agent’s prize commission)
2nd Prize5 out of 6 NumbersPhp 24,000.00
3rd Prize4 out of 6 NumbersPhp 800.00
4th Prize3 out of 6 NumbersPhp 20.00

Lotto New Schedule of Games

Here is the detailed schedule of lotto games held by PCSO from Monday to Sunday.

Where to check the PCSO major Lotto Results?

Aside from lottopcso.com, players can also watch the results of 6/58, 6/49 and 6/42 in real-time via PTV as well as their online accounts via Facebook and Twitter. Official PCSO accounts are airing the lotto draws as well. In special occasions such as important national holidays, PCSO is announcing the suspension of draws days before the scheduled draw date.

How to claim the Prize?

If you win the 6/58, 6/49 or 6/42 lotto, be sure to write your name and affix the signature behind the winning ticket. Bring and present two (2) valid IDs for verification.

You may claim the prize at the following locations:

AmountWhere to claim?
Php 20.00 up to Php 10,000.00Authorized PCSO outlet near you
Php 10,000.00 up to Php 300,000.00PCSO Branch near you
Jackpot PrizePCSO Main Office located at Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

The jackpot prize is taxable by 20% pursuant to TRAIN Law. A 1% commission will also be given to the PCSO agent where the winning ticket was bought.

PCSO thoroughly validates all winning tickets. Moreover, PCSO is serious in dealing with counterfeited/tampered tickets as they will not honor any, should anyone try to claim their prizes using such.

PCSO Betting Protocols

Amid the pandemic, all lotto enthusiasts must follow the new rules and regulations imposed at all PCSO lotto outlets in buying tickets to ensure that the minimum health and safety guidelines are met.

This is to minimize, if not stop, the spread of COVID-19.

  • Make sure to wear a face mask. Bettor(s) with no face mask will not be allowed to bet.
  • Always observe one (1) meter physical distance from one another.
  • Bring your own pen.
  • Alcohol or sanitizers are available in the lotto outlet. Sanitize before betting.
  • A money tray is available to eliminate contact.
  • Avoid littering. Throw the play slips in the trash bin.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water when you return home.

PCSO announcement(s) and notice(s)

Update January 2024: PCSO launched the E-Lotto. Bettors can now buy their lotto tickets online through a web-based app. Here’s how to use and buy in the E-Lotto app.

PCSO Lotto Result April 25, 2023 Updates

Did you win the PCSO lotto jackpot for April 25, 2023? If in case, congratulations, If not, maybe this is not your lucky day. You can always try again.

For clarifications, comments, complaints or suggestions about PCSO products and services, you may reach them through their official FB account.

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    April 25, 6/49 magkano po ba panalo sa tatlong number

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