EZ2 Result History and Summary

The EZ2 result history, 2D lotto summary for the year 2023, and the EZ results today are available on this website for everyone’s consumption. The results of the EZ2 hearing are courtesy of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

The two (2) digit game, popularly referred to as EZ2 Lotto or 2D, is conducted by PCSO from Monday to Sunday at 2 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM time slots.

PCSO is also conducting five (5) major jackpot-bearing games, four (4) major digit games, and STL games in the Philippines. View here the 6/58 Lotto result, 6/55 Lotto result, 6/49 Lotto result, 6/45 Lotto result, 6/42 Lotto result, 6D Lotto result and 4D Lotto results, Swertres (3D) Lotto results, EZ2 (2D) Lotto results and STL results. You can also check the summary of the lotto results today.

EZ2 Result History and Summary 2023

Draw Date2:00 PM5:00 PM9:00 PM
Jan 29, 202330-0213-23
Jan 28, 202310-1624-1031-19
Jan 27, 202314-0527-0730-23
Jan 26, 202306-1601-1125-06
Jan 25, 202325-1908-3106-21
Jan 24, 202317-0306-0426-01
Jan 23, 202325-0426-3026-08
Jan 22, 202324-2126-0103-02
Jan 21, 202305-3019-2816-18
Jan 20, 202304-3026-0125-21
Jan 19, 202311-2110-0804-10
Jan 18, 202328-1729-1419-13
Jan 17, 202319-1509-2810-04
Jan 16, 202307-1514-0207-23
Jan 15, 202324-2319-0806-20
Jan 14, 202331-0506-0414-22
Jan 13, 202303-0403-1802-20
Jan 12, 202328-0521-0217-03
Jan 11, 202331-2306-3101-09
Jan 10, 202302-0623-0424-06
Jan 9, 202321-2301-0115-03
Jan 8, 202302-1903-1908-26
Jan 7, 202307-1310-2331-31
Jan 6, 202308-1401-1805-05
Jan 5, 202306-0615-3013-11
Jan 4, 202316-2023-0629-07
Jan 3, 202317-1717-2222-27
Jan 2, 202321-0326-1609-31

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How to play the 2D/EZ2 Lotto?

2D/EZ2 Lotto is one of the popular games of PCSO. The ticket is worth P10 pesos inclusive of the documentary stamp tax.

To play the 2D lotto, a player must choose two (2) numbers from 1 to 31. A lucky pick (LP) is also available if he wants a system-generated number. The player wins the game when he gets the combination in the exact order.

In 2D/EZ2 lotto standard play, a player can win 4,000 pesos if the numbers are in exact order. The player can also play via the Rambolito System, where they can win exciting amounts depending on the Rambolito selection.

Where to claim the 2D/EZ2 Lotto Prize?

For the amount to claim of P5,000 pesos and below, prizes can be claimed at the nearest authorized lotto outlet or the nearest PCSO branch upon validation of the tickets.

For prizes above P5,000 pesos up to P20,000 pesos, prizes can be claimed at the nearest PCSO Branch office, while above P20,000 pesos, prizes can be claimed at the PCSO head office located at 605 Conservatory Bldg., Shaw Blvrd. Corner Priceton St., Mandaluyong City.

Prizes of P10,000 pesos above are taxable (20%) under the TRAIN law.

Where to check the 2D Lotto Results?

Aside from lottopcso.com, players can watch the 2D/ EZ2 results in real-time via PTV and their online accounts via Facebook and Twitter. Official PCSO accounts are airing the lotto draws as well. On special occasions, such as critical national holidays, PCSO announces the suspension of draws days before the scheduled draw date.

Quick Tips for EZ2 Players

Someone might e-mail or text you saying that you won the lotto. Don’t believe them, especially if you didn’t even bet. Sometimes, they say they will give you a cellphone load in exchange. Several have been victims of this modus, so don’t be one of them.

Secure your ticket thoroughly, and certainly don’t give it to anyone you don’t trust for claiming.

Lotto New Schedule of Games

Here is the detailed schedule of lotto games held by PCSO from Monday to Sunday.

PCSO Lotto Jackpot Winners 2023

Here are the PCSO lotto jackpot winners for the Year 2023. Congratulations everyone!

(Scroll right or left in the table to see the full details of winners.)

DateLotto DrawCombinationJackpot PrizeLocationNo. of Winners
Jan 21, 20236/5503-44-10-13-23-1129,700,000.00Ibaan, Batangas1
Jan 20, 20236/5824-39-31-19-42-1349,500,000.00Iloilo City, Iloilo1
Jan 19, 20236/4917-19-31-13-47-3479,151,086.60Manila1
Jan 17, 20236/4234-24-02-06-33-0735,314,806.60Davao City, Davao Del Sur1
Jan 7, 20236/5544-13-19-33-27-39142,580,483.20(1) Calamba City, Laguna
(1) Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental
Jan 2, 20236/4504-26-38-15-34-1719,503,337.00Merville, Parañaque City1

PCSO announcement(s) and notice(s)

PCSO reminds the public to be aware of entities pretending to be employees of PCSO and entices the public to buy lotto tickets online using their betting platform. To date, PCSO has no online betting applications either thru apps, texts, or calls to cater such services.

EZ2 Result Today Updates

You may reach them through their official FB account for clarifications, comments, complaints, or suggestions about PCSO products and services.

To receive timely updates regarding daily lotto draw results, we recommend you refer to PCSO official website or follow us at our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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